Christmas is popping in London, YOU WON’T BELIEVE #5!

Are you going to love the pantomimes?  Oh, yes you are! 

It’s just not Christmas without seeing a pantomime.  There are so many you’ll find the glass shoe that fits!  Cinderella finds Prince Charming at the London Palladium & Aladdin takes you for a ride at the Lyric – don’t worry girls, you’re also allowed to see them, they don’t just let a lad in.  Enjoy the plays casting celebrities and comics whilst having an interactive singalong with the performance.

Tickets are available on each theatres respective website or you can check out every London theatre here. The jokes may be recycled through the years but the entertainment is endless.  


If you can think it, they’ve got the trinket for it at the Markets!

Wherever you’re staying in London, there’s always one form of a Christmas market nearby.  You’ve got South bank Centre’s Winter Market & London Bridge City’s riverside market are the larger traditional ones that pop up in the festive period on a yearly basis. There’s always a lighting of the lane ceremony to celebrate the start of the Christmas shopping period.  You’ll get to see one of your favourite limelight characters turn on the lights for the future nights.

Compare the markets with this link; see which one picks your fancy the most.

Hanging above in the Garden

There’s no malice in Winter Wonderland

If you think of Christmas fun, Winter Wonderland should be the first event to pop to mind.  The famous event in London’s very own Hyde Park caters to every crowd.  You’ll be able to glide whilst ice skating, or watch world class skaters portray the nutcracker in its utmost elegance.  Should that not be cool enough, there’s always the ice sculptures in the ‘Arctic Adventure’ which is 2016’s newest addition.  

There’s food and drink available, originally fun food stalls with the festive touch & unique frosted bars giving you the full winter experience.  There’s always the option to shop til you drop with the extravagant markets across the park.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a princess or a builder, there is guaranteed to be something that strikes a smile for you here!


All things nice on the ice

Head on down to the London Eye and put the blades on the ice.  Skate isn’t just a type of fish, it’s also a cracking pass time.  For beginners and intermediates it can hurt your bum, the ground is hard and cold as it’s ice, but are you willing to sacrifice?

If you don’t want to physically move, be emotionally moved by the view.  Revolute around the London eye with cocktails and champagne.  Your drinks won’t be the only thing that sparkles that night.


You’re a wizard, Harry!

Christmas is a magical time and this event does nothing but add to it.  Earn points for your house with a special dinner in Hogwart’s main hall at Warner Bro. Studios.  Have a wonderfully themed meal with a side of toil toil boil and bubble and squeak.  This is one event that Voldemort can’t ruin!  If you’re lucky, you may be next in line to be the teacher of the Dark Arts – they seem to have a new one every year.

This event doesn’t only cater to your stomach’s hunger, it also fills you up visually as you’ll get to see the whole aesthetics of the authentic Harry Potter sets throughout your time in the realm of wizardry.



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